Mr. Govind Hardikar

Mr. Govind Hardikar is B.E.(E) with Post Graduate degree in Management. He has more than 45 years of experience in various industries at management level and then as an entrepreneur. These industries include Engineering, Chemical, Textile and Food Processing. He has widely travelled to many countries such as United States, Canada, Germany, United Kingdom, Japan, Thailand for business purpose. His interaction with many SME Business owners gave him an insight to the SUCCESSION problems in their companies. He is also connected with many renowned Institutes and Chamber of Commerce.

Mr.Bhalchandra Kulkarni

Mr.Bhalchandra Kulkarni is a business management consultant and he completed journalism degree as well. He belongs to accounts field as well as he got degree of a co-operative management. As a journalist by profession he worked with Sakal, Indian Express & Tarun Bharat news papers. He also worked in Janaseva Sahakari Bank,Pune as on various posts since 14 years. In Co-operative sector he is a National Publicity Head of Sahakar Bharati co-operative NGO. He is experienced person from 20 years in Publication, Advertisements and PR Services etc. He is a Executive Director of Private Limited Company in Pune named of…